Hi, I’m Dale.
As a designer and developer, I help companies around the world build amazing websites, apps, graphics, and services that are simple, beautiful, responsive, and easy to use.

Design + Code

As a designer who can code (full-stack designer), I am able to test my ideas and creative vision and avoid concepts that work great in theory, but break down in practice.

This means I can support your project at any stage it needs it. From strategy and brainstorming ideas, to defining the user experience, to interface design, to development, I love bringing great ideas to life no matter the screen size or platform.

Great ideas are global.

I work with clients of all sizes and profiles, located all over the world. Here's an overview of my clients from the last two years.

We are a team.

I believe that behind each successful product there needs to be a strong collaboration between designer and client. The designer and client must work as a team. As such, I guarantee your ideas will be heard, respected and discussed, and, if necessary, challenged and improved. By taking the time to listen to your needs and understand your goals, working together can be a stress free experience that who knows, might even turn out to be fun.

Here’s what some of my clients have to say about the whole process:

  • “I've worked with Dale regularly for the past 9-10 years; so when it came time to design a website for my side project - my winery - I was thrilled to be able to work with her again. He is a master with color and texture. His designs are nuanced, rich and layered- a lot like a fine wine. He's a painter with a strong knowledge of the unique UI needs a web interface has- the best of both worlds.

    I'm a designer by trade, yet I hired Dale to design my own business' website. That's how good he is."

  • "Dale has been fantastic to work with! He has been able to design a site for us that does everything we wanted functionally and used his creativity to design a site that is easy to navigate and fantastic to look at."

  • "Dale delivered a home page with several additional pages that were beautiful, worked great and finished it in a timely manner. We will definitely be using his services again."

  • "I've used Dale to create a custom Wordpress design that was focused on increasing engagement on the homepage. We decided that customer endorsements and clear calls to action were a priority and I was highly impressed with the results.

    I found him to be extremely helpful and would highly recommend him."

  • "We are very happy with your design, and we love the combination of creativity and corporate professionalism that the page shows."

  • "High quality, creative designs, delivered on time with clear communication. Very pleased with the project & look forward to working with Dale again."

  • "Working with Dale was like a breath of fresh air. He proved to be a talented, all-round designer, who delivered a stunning result in a short period of time. He was patient, polite and professional, which is why I would definitely recommend his work, and do business with him again. Thank you for a job well done!"

  • "Listened to all needs, concerns, and ideas. Performed quality to work that exceeded expectations. Finished project early."



With years of only outputting awesome work I have won a few awards. I like to think of them as recognition.

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